Each month, our site averages over 7,300 visits with over 19,400 page views. When you place ads on our website, you place your products in front of two major buying audiences: on-premise and off-premise beverage professionals, and consumers who follow the industry (or, their favorite brands). Choose state-specific, site-wide and/or BEVcommunity.



BEVcommunity is our special blend of a blog, up-to-date national and local news, and articles from current and past print issues. It is an online gathering place for the local beverage community; professionals and consumers. You can submit your news, photos and events. Share the news.

Where Else Can Online Ads Be Placed?

You can advertise anywhere on the site where there are ad opportunities. Access Connecticut retailers and licensees who, everyday, pass through our site to login into our secure online product portal and place orders directly to wholesalers. Get on their minds right before they buy.

Rates for Online Ads

  • Leaderboard: $200 per month/whole site or zoned, rotating based on volume. 728×90.
  • Side Panels (book ends to leaderboard): $100 per month per set/whole site or zoned, rotating based on volume. 90×90.
  • BEVCOMMUNITY side bar story ad: $150, rotating based on volume. 300×250.
  • Ask about combination deals for multiple products.
  • Online rates shown are through July 2013
  • Please provide jpg or gif artwork. Graphic support available for hourly fee.