Connecting Our Industry

The Rhode Island Beverage Journal connects wholesalers and importers to on- and off-premise licensees. Through our print and electronic infrastructure, The Beverage Journal has adapted to over 70 years of change by creating flexible, evolving platforms to meet wholesaler needs in delivering product and pricing information to the marketplace, in print and online.

Retailers and on-premise buyers have 24/7 access to shop and place beverage orders online to you from our website. Licensees and their beverage-buying staff can search, shop and order beer, wine and spirit products quickly and easily through our local market product website, powered by Beverage Media. Directly to you, in support of your unique sales and order processes.

The password-prscreenotected site  allows on- and off-premise customers easy access to research and shop your products, offering fast and dynamic search, current information on prodcuts and pricing, and order management tools. This enables sales teams to better market, manage and serve these accounts in new and value-added ways.

We also offer built-in tools to help you and your reps grow sales, and access field tools such as account lists, managing orders, creating tracking reports, buidling shopping lists, generating custom sell sheets, tasting mats, shelf-talkers and much more.

“The website is exactly what I was looking for. I’m really impressed with the site… I’ve been using [another site], but it doesn’t have nearly as much information as yours. Bottle shots, item descriptions … it is everything I was looking for.”

Carlos H. DeOliveira, Director of Distilled Spirits, Wine & Spirits Retail Consultants, Inc.

Here’s how it works:

We set up each wholesaler based on your needs and your order processing operations. Only retailers and on-premise licensees and their staff that have a password and login can see and shop market products and pricing as part of their current subscription.

We also support sales teams via Pocket Advantage for iPad and more.

Want to see how it works and schedule a demo?

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