The independently-owned Connecticut and Rhode Island Beverage Journals are the official monthly print market guide and resource connecting thousands of licensees to distributor brand price listings and market news. We are the only resource that delivers alcohol pricing, brand information state-by-state, along with industry news and events, to licensed professionals.

Each month we print and mail the market’s largest local resource to each state’s buying trade. Retailers and on-premise licensees and staff have access to the market’s monthly price listings in print, which includes and easy-to-follow Brand Index and each state wholesaler’s Price List.

We’re locally-based and locally-connected, so we also include timely, local market news and information from state association updates, events/tastings/wholesaler news, brand releases and important regulatory notices among monthly content.

Online, trade and licensed professionals can also find trade and local news, share brand features and review highlights of state events and link to the ability to search and order products directly to wholesalers via a trade-only website, powered by our network partners.

The Beverage Journal has adapted to over 80-plus years of change in delivering product and pricing information to the marketplace and in creating local market efficiencies for the buying and selling trade.

Along with our network partners, Beverage Media Group and Provi.com combined, we offer trusted one-stop marketing and communication resources for the liquor industry.

The Connecticut Beverage Journal is published by Beverage Publications, Inc., and The Rhode Island Beverage Journal is published by Rhode Island Beverage Journal, Inc., located in Hamden, Connecticut.

“I don’t go anywhere without the Beverage Journal. It’s part of my everyday life. It’s the best selling tool you can have. It’s right here. It’s an easy way for me to connect the dots.”

Darchell Wilson, Wholesaler Sales Representative

“It’s amazing how dependent we become on these tools of the trade! I do use the online version, but for cross-referencing, nothing beats the print copy. I can't imagine going more than an hour or so every day without referencing either the electronic or printed copy of the journal.”

Jim Panzica, Wine World of Bethel

“The information is better, the presentation is better, and it [the ordering website] is so much more user friendly.”

Henry Lavado, Wholesaler Sales Representative