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Bacardi to Become Plastic-Free

By November 27, 2020Top News

Bacardi announced it is moving to bottle all its brands in a 100% biodegradable plastic packaging made with plant-based oils by 2023. The transition will eliminate 80 million plastic bottles currently produced by the company each year. The new plastic bottles biodegrade in 18 months in compost, soil, fresh water, and seawater and do not leave microplastics behind. Additionally, Bacardi is looking into developing a sustainably sourced paper bottle. Bacardi Rum will be the first spirit to appear in the new bottle, before the plant-based material is rolled out to replace single-use plastic across the entire Bacardi supply chain and the company’s 200 brands and labels. The company plans to be 100% plastic-free in the next 10 years and has also committed to removing all its nonessential, single-use plastic, including all plastic gift box materials and plastic point-of-sale materials, in the next three years.




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