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Brescome Barton Adds New Low-No Alcohol Offerings

By January 23, 2022Connecticut, Top News

CleanCo offers an award-winning collection of nonalcoholic spirits with no empty calories and no sugar or sweeteners, in Clean G, Clean V, Clean T and Clean R.

Brescome Barton added a nonalcoholic brand, CleanCo, in January, a new offering in the growing low-to-no alcohol range of mixing options. Founded by Spencer Matthews in 2018, who serves as its CEO, each CleanCo spirit alternative is sourced from the best quality products and cutting-edge flavor extraction techniques to reconstruct the spirit experience with less than 5% ABV. Understanding the role a spirit has in affecting how a cocktail tastes is part of the process of deconstructing flavor notes, analyzing the emotional response it triggers and successfully rebuilding the spirit without the alcohol, its website explains. Its four flavors are: Clean G, Gin Alternative, a London Dry style crisp flavor with notes of balanced botanicals from carefully sourced and distilled aromatic botanicals for a very fine finish; Clean V, Apple Vodka Alternative, uplifting and crisp with a touch of cinnamon with smooth hints of green apple and cinnamon spice, with a classic warm alcohol-like sensation to finish; Clean T, Tequila Alterative, a blanco-style nonalcoholic tequila alternative with fresh agave vibes, new oak aromas and hints of olive, sweet melon and fruit and a dry peppery finish; and Clean R, Spiced Rum Alternative, a golden-spiced Caribbean-style rum alternative with a splash of caramel and cayenne pepper and big, bold flavor.

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