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Brewers Association Announces 2013 Style Guidelines

By April 1, 2013Top News, Association Talk

The Brewers Association (BA) released its 2013 Beer Style Guidelines. Updated annually, this year’s version defines 142 styles of beer, up from 140 in 2012. The 2013 version incorporates more than 100 suggestions from U.S. and international beer judges and experts, brewers and beer lovers. This year, Adambier and Grätzer styles were added for the first time. Both are historic pre-Reinheitsgebot styles that are making a slow revival among U.S. and international brewers. Adambier and Grätzer are historically smoky ales, with the former thriving in and around Dortmund, Germany, and the latter brewed primarily in Poland. Changes were also made to the guidelines for American wheat ale, reflecting a growing trend in the craft and home brewing communities. The 2013 beer style guidelines are available at

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