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Constellation Bolsters California Watershed Health Efforts

By September 27, 2022Top News

Constellation Brands, Inc., announced a two-year commitment of $700,000 in total contributions to The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The contribution is partly intended to benefit watersheds in California communities where Constellation Brands operates, contributing to the company’s water replenishment targets first announced in April 2022. Its February 2022 donation of $200,000 will be used to support TNC’s broader Global Resilient Watersheds program, which is focused on making watershed health a priority by investing in nature-based solutions, such as forest protection, regenerative agricultural practices, wetland restoration and natural vegetation corridors along waterways, and aims to restore watershed health and revitalize degraded freshwater systems around the world. The remaining $500,000 donation will be leveraged over two years to target watersheds located in communities where a number of Constellation’s winery facilities and operations reside.

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