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Association News: 2016 Election Review and CRA Preview

By Sarah Maloney, Executive Director, Connecticut Restaurant Association

Sarah Maloney, Executive Director, Connecticut Restaurant Association

Sarah Maloney, Executive Director, Connecticut Restaurant Association

Election Review

The 2016 Election has proven to be historic not only on a federal level, but in the State of Connecticut as well. While the Republicans in Washington will have control of both the U.S. House and Senate and the White House, Connecticut’s Republicans have picked up seats in both the Senate and House to make each Chamber more balanced between the two major parties.

Republicans in the State Senate gained three seats, evenly dividing that chamber, 18-18. Lt. Governor Wyman, a Democrat, will be allowed to vote in the event of ties. Republicans in the House had a net gain of eight seats, shrinking the Democrats’ majority to 79-72.

What does this all mean for Connecticut’s hospitality industry? That’s yet to be determined, but a balance of power can offer a more balanced approach to issues that impact restaurants in Connecticut. From wage increases to the sale of alcohol, the legislature will be forced to work across party lines to reach solutions.

The 2017 legislative session will commence on the 4th of January and conclude on the 7th of June. The CRA will begin sending our “This Week at the Capitol” emails as well as legislative alerts as necessary once session begins. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

CRA Preview

Not a member of the CRA? You should be! This is why…

One of the most important roles of the Connecticut Restaurant Association (CRA) is maintaining a consistent presence at the Connecticut State Capitol. The Connecticut State Legislature meets annually for three to five months (depending on the year) to introduce, debate and pass new legislation. Without a vigilant and proactive Government Affairs Committee, the hospitality industry would be at risk of facing new and often unwanted challenges. We encourage our members to get involved and work with our team to ensure your business interests are heard.

The Connecticut Restaurant Association keeps its members informed of all the latest information restauranteurs and businesses supporting the industry need to know in order to maintain their successful businesses. CRA members receive a weekly e-newsletter that helps keep them up to date by highlighting recent industry trends and relevant current affairs.

Cost Savings
The CRA’s partnership with several businesses allows us to provide the best products and services available at discounted prices — such as special member pricing on music licensing, payroll processing, insurance, credit card processing, energy and much more.

Education of our members is key to the CRA’s commitment to the advancement of the hospitality industry. As part of that commitment, the CRA offers weekly ServSafe courses throughout the state. ServSafe certification satisfies the State of Connecticut’s mandate requiring all food service operations to employ a Qualified Food Operator and an Alternate.

CT Hospitality Educational Foundation and ProStart

The Connecticut Hospitality Educational Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, awards yearly scholarships to students pursuing a career in the culinary arts, restaurant management or an affiliated degree. CHEF further promotes advancement of the industry through the support of the “ProStart Program,” a two-year culinary and management program for high school students.

In the restaurant business, it is essential to be connected in order to secure the best products, find great business partners and build local awareness. Throughout the year, the Restaurant Association hosts various networking events that can connect you with the critical relationships that make your business successful.

Reach out to Sarah Maloney at or 860-278-8008 ext.112

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