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Crown Royal Becomes First Spirit to Include Serving Facts on Packaging

By October 7, 2015Top News

crown royalDiageo announced that Crown Royal will now include macro-nutritional information on the product. The serving facts panel will contain serving size, number of servings per container, alcohol by volume, number of calories and grams of carbohydrates, as well as protein and fat per serving, and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines definition of a standard drink of .6 fluid ounces of alcohol.

“We are proud to take this latest step in the decade-long effort of our company, and that of the more than 70 consumer and public health groups that stood with us in support of labeling in 2003,” said Guy Smith, Executive Vice President, Diageo North America. “We specifically commend the National Consumers League, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Consumer Federation of America, and Shape Up!  America, who supported this important initiative from the beginning.  And we are grateful to the TTB who are allowing the industry to give consumers the information they have been asking for.”

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