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Serving Up: The Second Wind at Eight Seas

By September 1, 2018Rhode Island, Top News, Serving Up

Proprietor Catherine Hood with The Second Wind.

Eight Seas
Pop-Up Tiki Bar
Providence, RI

If you’re in the Providence area, be on the lookout. Tiki bar Eight Seas could be popping up at a bar or restaurant near you. Founded by Providence-based bartender Catherine Hood, the traveling bar features classic and contemporary craft Polynesian cocktails at locations and events in the local area throughout the year. According to Hood, Eight Seas is already slated to appear at several special events during the fall and holiday season, with the next event taking place at The Dean Hotel in Providence on October 17, featuring spirits from Vermont’s Mad River Distillers. New events are always being added to Eight Seas’ calendar and the best way to know where the bar will pop up next is on its Instagram @eightseastiki.

Proprietor: Catherine Hood

Cocktail: The Second Wind

» 1 oz. Maison Rouge Cognac
» 1 oz. Singani 63
» 1 oz. Fassionola syrup
» 1 oz. Fresh grapefruit juice
» 1 oz. Red Bull, Original
» Optional garnishes: dehydrated grapefruit slice, orchid, nasturtium leaves and green strawberries

Combine cognac, Singani, Fassionola and grapefruit juice. Whip, shake and pour over crushed ice in a 13 oz. pilsner glass. Top with Red Bull and more crushed ice to fill. If desired, garnish with dehydrated grapefruit slice, orchid, nasturtium leaves and green strawberries on a cocktail pick. The Second Wind is a take on the classic Hurricane.

“With the glut of fresh summer berries, I created this drink based on Fassionola – a starring ingredient in the classic Hurricane – made from local strawberries and raspberries with passion-fruit purée,” Hood said. “Red Bull Original amplifies the red fruit notes in the drink, while Singani brings in a bouquet of floral notes; cognac lends depth and warmth; and grapefruit a slightly bitter tang. It’s complex and crushable, as any good tiki drink should be.”





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