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Fine Terroir Selection Expands Balkan Wines Offerings

By April 26, 2020Connecticut, Top News

Fine Terroir Selection added new Wines of Illyria selections from the Balkan peninsula to its offerings, a collection of naturally produced vintage wine imports. Each is made from native grape varieties of the ancient Illyria region, including those from Imperial Vineyards Mostar’s Emporia line, imported from Herzegovina. The wines include Emporia Zilavka (ZHI-luv-kah), a white, minerally, nutty and refreshing wine; Emporia Blatina (BLAH-tee-nah), made from the rare and difficult-to-cultivate red varietal; Blatina, a female flower that blooms only for three days and requires another variety such as Trnjak (TER-nyak), which blooms at the same time, to be planted in the same field for cross-pollination; and Emporia Vranac (VRAH-natz), a robust kingpin red grape of the region.



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