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Guinness Celebrates The Foamy Mustache With Charitable Campaign

By March 13, 2017Top News

For St. Patrick’s Day 2017, Guinness encourages legal drinking age consumers to use social media to share photos of themselves and their self-grown, drawn-on or Guinness foam mustache to “build the bonds between us, encouraging all of us to come together, no matter our backgrounds, beliefs or political leanings.” For each photo the brewery receives tagged with @GuinnessUS and using #StacheForCharity, it will donate $1, up to $100,000, to the Guinness Gives Back Fund, a nonprofit that contributes to the common good in communities.

“Let’s face it, now’s as good a time as any to raise a pint,” said Guinness Brand Director Emma Giles. “We need to reconnect with what can bring us together as family, friends, coworkers, Americans, and most basically, human beings. St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and few, if any, holidays are as unifying or as celebratory.” The ‘Stache symbol will appear next to Guinness brand POS material at bars and restaurants throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season.


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