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Kahlúa Survey Highlights Millennial Social Media Habits

By August 24, 2019Top News

Kahlúa partnered with Actress Jackie Cruz to launch the Zero Likes Given exhibition, a celebration of photographs posted on Instagram that received zero likes, because time spent “worrying about the double-taps is distracting us from living in the moment.” Over 90% of surveyed U.S. millennials on social media said living in the moment was important, but more than half have missed an important moment because they were trying to capture it on social media. Over 60% say it is important to them that their photos get likes. More than a third (34%) check for likes a minute or less after posting. The Zero Likes Given exhibition by Kahlúa is an effort “calling on people to take a break from the pressures of their like count, liberating them by encouraging everyone to enjoy life in the moment” – and take social media likes a little less seriously.





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