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MD&S Distributors Launches Luxury Brand Tequila

By January 31, 2022Connecticut, Top News

MD&S Distributors welcomed The Bad Stuff, a California-based luxury tequila brand, to its portfolio in Connecticut. Co-founded and directed by Felipe Soto Mares, who has been crafting tequila for more than 25 years and has his Catador status at La Acadamia Mexicana del Tequila, Darren Enenstein, a serial entrepreneur and Susy Enenstein, who holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering and an extensive analytical background, the trio balance their backgrounds to create and offer mastery in the distillation and blending of tequila. The award-winning tequilas start with estate-grown Tequilana Weber blue agave in pesticide-free fields and are then hand selected by the Bad Stuff’s jimador. Slow-baked in traditional steam ovens until they reach a rich caramelization, its rich agave nectar is fermented in pure artesian water before blending and aging in alembic copper pot stills. The signature product is an Extra Añejo tequila, aged three years in new French oak barrels. In perfecting the Soto Mares family’s 93-year-old tequila recipe, the team works from its relationship with the family ownership of distillery partner, Compañia Tequilara de Arandas. The Bad Stuff is also available in La Mala Reposado and La Mala Plata expressions.



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