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Monkey in Paradise Premium Vodka Joins Monsieur Touton

By March 29, 2021Connecticut, Top News

Monkey in Paradise, billed as the world’s highest-rated pure vodka, is available in 50 ml, 750 ml, 1 L and 1.75 L.

Monsieur Touton Selection, Ltd., launched Florida’s Monkey in Paradise, an award-winning premium vodka. By using copper stills exclusively in distilling and filtering, sulfites are reduced, creating a much smoother product. The vodka is also made with a copper vapor filtering process with charcoal, allowing the alcohol and water to age and rest together at four different proof levels. This “age and rest” procedure is slow and time-consuming, but the result is a 12-time charcoal-filtering process that allows the water and alcohol to bind completely. In addition, the team demineralizes the water with a five-ppm reverse osmosis system to assure the water’s utmost purity before the process ever begins for an “extreme level” of purification.


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