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Morales Wins Farm-to-Shaker Cocktail Competition

By November 25, 2019Connecticut, Top News

Coventry Farmers’ Market showcased area bartenders in a cocktail competition on October 6 for its eighth annual Farm-to-Shaker event. Each shopped the market and created a one-of-a-kind cocktail using local ingredients. Bartenders Chelsea Solkowski from Taprock Beer Bar & Refuge, Dustin Amore from Highland Brass Co., Stephanie Cohen from Zaragoza, Khalid Williams from Kazaam Elixirs and returning champion Justin Morales from The Marlborough Tavern competed in the event sponsored by RIPE Bar Juice, Litchfield Distillery and Hartford Flavor Company Wild Moon Liqueur. For the second year in a row, Justin Morales took the win.

Photos courtesy of Coventry Farmers’ Market.


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