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Murphy Distributors Adds Second Hercules Mulligan Release

By February 27, 2023Connecticut, Top News


At 43% ABV, Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye offers a ready-to-drink Irish-American Manhattan bottled cocktail

Murphy Distributors expanded its offering from Hercules Mulligan with its second offering: ready-to-drink (RTD) Eyr & Rye, a bottled Irish-American cocktail variation on the classic Manhattan. Paying homage to its namesake, the tailor, Irish immigrant, spy and unsung hero of the American Revolution, the brand added an Irish twist to the classic Manhattan cocktail. Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye is a blend of four spirits, including three American rye whiskeys and one Irish whiskey, with a touch of cherry bitters and all-natural sweet and sour cherry juice. While simple in nature, the bottled RTD offers an “Irish-American Manhattan”—perfect savored neat or on the rocks—for at-home imbibing and entertaining. A limited release, Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye follows the brand’s flagship offering, Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye blend, which delivers a unique composition of American rye whiskey, Caribbean rum, ginger and bitters for a complex and delightful spirit.



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