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Murphy Distributors Welcomes New Mezcal

By September 28, 2021Connecticut, Top News

Murphy Distributors celebrated the launch of Bosscal Mezcal with the brand’s founder at its headquarters in Branford on Aug. 13. Joined by guests Nelson Nieves, Founder, Bosscal Mezcal and Stuart McGuire, Partner, Wolf Spirit Distillery, the distributor team enjoyed a tasting and education session. Produced in a collaboration between the Bosscal team and a fourth-generation Mezcalero, Bosscal Mezcal is made with high-quality, hand-selected agave, cooked with volcanic rock in artisanal earth ovens, ground by hand with axes and fermented in oak wood vats, then double-distilled in stainless steel stills, resulting in flavors of light smoke and soft citrus. Bosscal Mezcal is 100% organic, unaged and distilled using traditional and artisanal practices, and is available in Joven, Damiana and Pechuga de Conejo expressions.


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