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New Products: May 2024 Edition

By May 1, 2024Top News, New Products

1. 9diDante
The first project from Bacardi alum Alex Ouziel’s Kaliro Spirits is The Divine Comedy inspired 9diDante, a collection of Italian vermouths highlighting wines from the Piemonte DOC. Along with the Inferno Rosso and Purgatorio Extra Dry, there is now the bitter Paradiso Rosé, a blend of 88 percent Cortese and 12 percent Nebbiolo grapes from Torino. It can just as easily be woven into tequila and mezcal cocktails as it is savored on the rocks with grapefruit.

SRP: $35 per 750-ml bottle

2. Badger Bevs
In 2023, David Vogel launched Badger Bevs with Jillian Vose, the bartender behind the forthcoming Hazel and Apple in Charleston, South Carolina. The premium cocktail mixers, which can also be enjoyed on their own, debuted with a versatile lineup of club soda, tonic water, and ginger beer starring Nigerian ginger, and has grown to include ginger ale and tart sparkling grapefruit options.

SRP: $8 per four-pack of 250-ml bottles

3. Résonance
Résonance, Maison Louis Jadot’s vineyard in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is dedicated to producing Burgundian-style wines like the Founder’s Blocks Pinot Noir 2021. A true expression of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Founder’s Blocks is composed of the finest grapes culled from the neighboring Résonance and Jolis Monts vineyards, both of which share a similar terroir, and exhibits complementary flavors of black fruit and black pepper.

SRP: $75 per 750-ml bottle

4. Sagamore Spirit
Back in 2020, Maryland distillery Sagamore unveiled its well-received Manhattan Finish rye whiskey in limited quantities. Now, it’s back as part of the Sagamore Spirit Reserve Series. The full-bodied, 103-proof whiskey reinterprets the Manhattan cocktail by uniting four-year-old straight rye whiskey that was aged in separate vermouth, bitters, and cherry brandy casks for at least 20 months. It can be relished neat or with amaro in a Black Manhattan.

SRP: $79.99 per 750-ml bottle

5. Malibu Splash
Mango is the newest addition to Malibu Splash, the line of ready-to-drink sparkling malt beverages from United States Beverage centered on Malibu coconut flavored white rum. Coinciding with the arrival of the new 5% ABV variant is the Sunshine Variety Pack, bringing together single-serve cans of the tropical mango with pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon versions.

SRP: $17.99 per eight-pack of 12-oz. cans

6. Vara Winery & Distillery
Albuquerque’s Vara Winery & Distillery puts the spotlight on New Mexican-made spirits like High Desert Gin, Corona de Oro Rum, and the new-to-the-lineup floral Painted Sky Vodka and light Estrella Blanca Rum. The former’s base consists of Vara’s own grape brandy and high-proof, grape-based spirit and is filtered through activated carbon. The latter, ideal for cocktails, starts out as firstpress light cane juice molasses and passes through 100-micron pad filters following distillation.

SRP: From $25 per 750-ml bottle

7. Procera Gin
Fresh Juniperus procera berries growing wild in the Kenyan highlands are the backbone of Procera Gin’s extremely limited-edition Green Dot 2023 vintage. It features a sugar cane base and juniper berries, leaves, and wood handharvested from a single tree in Narok County that lend the earthy, cocktail-friendly spirit notes of herbs and stone fruit. Reinforcing the notion of African terroir is the hand-carved Kenyan coconut wood box that each handblown, recycled glass bottle is nestled in.

SRP: $179 per 700-ml bottle

8. Sprinter
Joining the booming ready-to-drink category is Sprinter, a canned vodka soda from media personality Kylie Jenner. Led by industry veteran Chandra Richter as head of product development and operations, the 100-calorie, 4.5% ABV Sprinter combines real fruit juice, premium vodka, and sparkling water in black cherry, peach, grapefruit, and lime varieties.

SRP: $19.99 per eight-pack of 355-ml cans

9. Juliette
Charles Jacquin et Cie, known for Chambord and Domaine de Canton, has ramped up its cordials collection with Juliette, an ultra-premium peach liqueur sprung from small pêche de vigne grown in France’s Rhône Valley. Made by hand in limited-quantity batches with only natural ingredients, it features touches of vanilla and honeysuckle that make it ripe for mixing
with Champagne.

SRP: $49.99 per 1-litre bottle

10. The Finnish Long Drink
Refreshing and quick to serve, the long drink has been part of Finland’s beverage culture since Helsinki hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics. The Finnish Long Drink illuminates the ritual with citrusy traditional, zero, and strong iterations as well as cranberry and the recently rolled out peach. Originally part of the brand’s Midsummer variety pack, peach is made with real liquor and sparkling fruit flavors and canned at 5.5% ABV.

SRP: From $11.99 per six-pack of 12-oz. cans

11. High n’ Wicked
High n’ Wicked, the importer and bottler of whiskeys from Altamar Brands, has teamed up with Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados on a single grain Irish whiskey. The 100-proof limited release was distilled in County Cork, Ireland, from 95 percent corn and five percent malted barley and aged in former bourbon barrels. Then, it was finished in Foursquare casks that previously held Marx X 2007 rum for six months, culminating in notes of clove and caramel.

SRP: $79.99 per 750-ml bottle

12. Vosa Spirits
Vosa Spirits, co-owned by model and actress Kate Upton, has expanded its ready-to-drink offerings with the 7% ABV High Line Tropics collection. The six times-distilled vodka, natural fruit juice, and sparkling water cocktails—passion fruit, mango, lime, and watermelon—are slightly effervescent and follow High Line’s peach, cherry, lemon, and pineapple flavors introduced in 2023.

SRP: $21.99 per eight-pack of 355-ml cans


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