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Northeast Millennials Lead National Bar and Liquor Store Purchases

By October 2, 2014Top News

MillennialsLevel Money, a “mobile-first” financial services company, released a summer 2014 report about how and where Millennials spend money in the categories of coffee, alcohol and fast food. Millennials, a demographic of nearly 75 million people, wield powerful purchasing power. The report analyzes spending activity during the first half of 2014 from its over 500,000 member base. The results provide a look into the spending behaviors of Americans aged 18 to 35 on those three specific categories. According the study, the Northeast is “well-represented” in the category of highest bar and liquor store expenditures with the five states for bar and liquor store purchases: 1. Massachusetts; 2. Colorado; 3. New York; 4. Wyoming; and 5. Illinois. States with the lowest bar and liquor store spending: 46. West Virginia; 47. Iowa; 48. South Dakota; 49. Alabama; and 50. Mississippi.

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