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Rhode Island Distributing Co. Launches Relativity Whiskey

Relativity Whiskey has launched in the Ocean State through Rhode Island Distributing Co. An Edrington Americas brand, Relativity Whiskey is a combination of small-batch distil toasted American Oak and four traditionally-distilled whiskies from corn, wheat, barley and rye, crafted in partnership between Brain Brew Distilling, Edrington Distillers from Perthshire, Scotland and Eureka! Ranch of Ohio. The maturation process uses computer-controlled cycles of heat and pressure through a 40-minute process called Compression Aging™, a speed-aging technology that “mimics the seasons of nature and enhances the whiskey’s secondary maturation process.” Relativity Whiskey is amber honey in color with barley characters on the nose and aromas of toffee vanilla and warm caramel. The flavor features a combination of corn, wheat and rye with “hints of sugar and clove and oak and dried citrus on the finish.” Relativity Whiskey is 40% ABV and bottled in an Erlenmeyer flask-shaped bottle.

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