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Serving Up: The Wiggly Boy at Courtland Club

By February 2, 2024Rhode Island, Top News, Serving Up

Courtland Club Beverage Director
Laura Ganci making the Wiggly Boy.

Courtland Club
51 Courtland Street
Providence, RI

A first visit to Courtland Club sometimes “starts with a bit of mystique,” its website explains. With no signage in sight, and situated dead center in a residential neighborhood, the building could be easy to miss. But if you see the number 51, just turn the knob and you’ll find the team ready to greet you. Courtland Club is a cocktail bar and social club, with live DJ sets most nights and the finest local live jazz every Sunday night. “Trying new things is built into the experience of coming to Courtland Club because it is a tucked-away, unmarked destination. Guests often say, ‘I had no idea what to expect when I walked in the door,’ and we build upon that with unique offerings that you won’t find everywhere,” said Laura Ganci, Beverage Director. She was recently named one of RI Hospitality Association’s Bartenders of the Year at the trade association’s annual gala.

Beverage Director: Laura Ganci

Cocktail: Wiggly Boy

» 1.5 oz. Kyrö Gin
» .5 oz. Faccia Brutto Centerbe
» .5 oz. Chareau Aloe Liqueur
» .75 oz. fresh lime juice
» .25 oz. simple syrup
» .125 oz. La Muse Verte Absinthe
» Dash Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
» Garnish: cucumber

Method: Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously. Strain the mixture into a coupe glass. Create a “wiggly” cucumber garnish and add a bamboo stick.

The Wiggly Boy. Photo by Maurisa Mackey.

“I was inspired to make a multilayered gin-based cocktail that would be refreshing but also have interesting depth of flavor. Chareau and Centerbe both share unique mint-like flavors. In order to make it feel a bit more appropriate for cold weather, I served it up and added a little bit of absinthe and bitters to ground it,” said Laura Ganci, Beverage Director, Courtland Club.

“It’s currently the only gin drink on our house cocktail menu. It’s a great entry point for drinkers who are skeptical about drinking gin-forward cocktails since it is interwoven with so many other flavors. Also, the gin I use is kind of like a vodka drinker’s gin. It isn’t super heavy on juniper or alpine notes.”


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