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Wild Moon Botanics Begins Connecticut Distribution

By February 26, 2020Connecticut, Top News

Each Wild Moon Botanic expression is meant to be enjoyed mixed with tonics, sodas, prosecco and sparkling wine; as ingredients in cocktails; and for a variety of flavorful uses. Cocktail recipes are available via the Wild Moon website.

Wild Moon Liqueurs’ newly launched sister line, Wild Moon Botanics, will begin distribution through Brescome Barton on March 1. After years of research and development, Hartford Flavor Company’s Wild Moon Botanics offers four expressions: 7 Lemon, a combination of fresh lemon juice and peel, as well as lemon balm, lemon verbena and lemon grass for a full lemon profile; Sumac, a handcrafted liqueur from sumac berries, is bold and citrus-forward, with a juicy herb mid tone balanced with a sweet tonic finish; Sage, which uses Hartford-grown fresh sage for a pungent, multilayered liqueur; and Roasted Dandelion Root, which offers a bold roasted flavor that mellows into notes of chocolate, chicory, coffee and caramel, with a smooth, bitter finish. “Wild Moon Botanics is a line of plant-infused liqueurs, featuring unexpected flavors that transform any drink into an extraordinary cocktail. I am so excited to finally launch this line, as I have been perfecting these unique flavors for years. Part of my goal is to push liqueur flavors forward into more adventurous expressions for the commercial and home bar,” said Hartford Flavor Co-founder Lelaneia Dubay.




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