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Worldwide Wines Adds Massaya Arak

By April 25, 2023Connecticut, Top News

Massaya Arak is made from a base of white wine that is triple-distilled. The spirit is then infused with the finest organic green aniseed and left to age; best sipped over ice, neat as an apéritif or in a multitude of refreshing cocktails.

Worldwide Wines welcomed a new addition from Massaya, a Lebanese winery: Massaya Arak. Triple-distilled from the white wine of indigenous Obeidi white grape varietals and blended with fresh green aniseed before aging in clay jars for 12 to 18 months, Arak is served chilled for a refreshing summer drink that cleanses the palate and aids digestion. Found in a deep blue 750-ml bottle enhanced with gold adornment, Massaya Arak is among the newest market entry from the winery, which makes its arak and wines from an estate and vineyards located in Mount Lebanon and the Beqaa Valley. Massaya is owned and operated by the Ghosn brothers, Sami and Ramzi, who fled early in the country’s civil war in 1975 as young children and then returned as adults in the early 1990s to reclaim their family’s wine estate and property. In addition to Massaya Arak, the winery produces its wines in a range of varietals under the Massaya brand name.







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