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Connecticut Allows Restaurants Liquor Delivery With Food Orders

April 3, 2020

Issued by Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull


To Implement Governor Lamont Executive Orders 7G and 7T


Limits on Restaurant, Bar, Private Club Operations and Other Permit Types

Pursuant to Executive Order 7G and 7T, the Department of Consumer Protection issues the following rules and procedures for  the sale of alcoholic liquor for pick-up and delivery to a customer for all permit types presently allowed to offer pick-up and delivery:

1. For all pick-up and delivery orders that include alcoholic liquor, the customer receiving the order must be of legal drinking age and cannot be intoxicated.

2. If the age of the customer receiving the alcoholic liquor is in question, he or she must present a valid operator’s license or state identify card. If the age of the customer remains in question after reviewing the identification presented, the sale and/or delivery of the alcoholic beverage must be declined.

3. The use of age statement forms is not authorized for pick up or delivery of alcoholic beverages off-premises.

4. Any individual who delivers orders that include alcoholic liquor directly to the customer’s residence must be at least eighteen years of age and employed as an employee of the permit premises.

5. Unless otherwise noted, the hours of sales for pick up or delivery that include alcoholic liquor shall be the same as those for a package store.

The following rules address the conditions for sale of alcoholic liquor for pick-up and delivery to a customer for specific permits.

Read all license types and details  in the full notice here.

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