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By May 21, 2013Top News

Bud Light introduced “Bud Light Music First,” a program that will create and celebrate various music “firsts.” Bud Light Music First will culminate on Thursday, Aug. 1, with “50/50/1,”logo2_225g a never-before-seen live music event with one concert in each of the 50 states on a single day. Bud Light Music First’s finale, 50/50/1, will feature an eclectic lineup of artists from around the globe. Bud Light unveiled the first 26 50/50/1 artists today, including Kendrick Lamar, Sublime with Rome, Alex Clare and The Flaming Lips.  The 50/50/1 concert series was created in partnership with Live Nation Entertainment.

Fans can become part of the experience by downloading the Bud Light Music First app, available through the Apple and Android app stores. The app enable fans to score Bud Light Music First prizes, including Monster DNA Headphones, Live Nation® Concert Cash®, Universal Music Group (UMG) music downloads and 50/50/1 concert tickets throughout the summer. Adults can enter codes found in specially-marked packages of Bud Light, Bud Light Lime or Bud Light Platinum into the app for a chance to instantly win more than 500,000 music-centric prizes this summer.

Bud Light has also partnered with Myspace to build an interactive home for the Music First program. The Bud Light Music First Myspace hub gives fans a single destination to receive updates on concerts, connect and listen to 50/50/1 artists and download the Bud Light mobile app as well chances to win tickets to shows in their town or redeem prizing directly from their desktop computers. The Bud Light Music First Myspace hub will also house a series of exclusive interviews with artists who will each share stories about their own personal music firsts and livestream select 50/50/1 concerts on Aug. 1.

“Music is such a unique platform because it brings people together, yet everyone interacts with it on a personal level,” said Rob McCarthy, vice president, Bud Light. “With Bud Light Music First, we have an amazing collection of artists and partners that will make sure every adult fan can experience music in a fun, interesting way this summer.”

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