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Bully Boy Distillery Showcased at Greenwich Polo

By October 3, 2021Connecticut, Top News

Bully Boy Distillery showcased its Boston-based, award-winning spirits at Greenwich Polo’s East Coast Open on Aug. 29. A booth hosted polo spectators for samples, including Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey, made with a mash bill of corn, for a sweet, bourbon-like overtone and rye, for a dry, spicy undertone, aged in a charred 53-gallon new American oak barrel; The Old Fashioned, made with Bully Boy’s award-winning American Straight Whiskey, muddled raw sugar and Angostura bitters, for a handcrafted bottled cocktail; Negroni bottled cocktail made with two different varieties of sweet vermouth, two different expressions of bitter liqueur and Bully Boy Estate Gin; and Bully Boy Italian Iced Tea and Grapefruit Spritz canned cocktails, each made with Bully Boy Amaro, a unique recipe based on the classic bitter liqueur that includes a combination of more than 26 different botanicals for flavor and aroma, and a bitter backbone that comes from a combination of hops, including Amarillo, Cascade, Citra and Galaxy. Tastes were accompanied by education from market managers Andrew Greenleaf and Jesse Hemingway. Cocktails created by The Cup Bearer, a Stamford-based specialty mobile bar service, showcased Bully Boy Estate Gin among ingredients.

Photos by Andrew Dominick.


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