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State Notice: Conn. DCP Issues Note on Barrel Series Program

By February 21, 2014Connecticut, Top News, Legal Matters

dcpsealnewFrom the Office of John Suchy
Division Director of Liquor Control
February 4, 2014


Connecticut retailers participating in “barrel series programs” being offered by suppliers/wholesalers are not violating the Liquor Control
Act by their participation in such programs if certain procedures are followed, as set forth below.

Typically, suppliers offer a retailer the opportunity to select a cask of distilled spirits to sell in their stores by various methods. The parent
brands must be registered. The custom single barrel spirit is covered under the parent brand.

Suppliers offer retailers at least two methods of selecting a barrel for their individual store:
1. Visit to the distillery by the retailer
2. Allow the Master Distiller to select a barrel for the retailer

Caution: Suppliers and wholesalers may not provide funds/transportation to the distillery for the retailer.

Typically, depending on the age of the distilled spirits, a barrel of distilled spirits will produce anywhere from 5 to 15 cases, or approximately 200-230 bottles.

Suppliers must make this program available to all retailers, not just “select” retailers. Certain retailers may choose not to participate due to lack of storage ability, cost, or the appropriateness for its clientele.

In many cases, the supplier will make available the actual barrel from which the distilled spirits came; this is allowed as an advertising novelty or inside advertising material pursuant to 30-6-A32a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. Point of sale signage, necker or label on the bottle referencing the store is permissible, consistent with the cost restrictions in section 30-6-A32a.

The Department of Consumer Protection, through the State Liquor Control Commission, oversees all sales of liquor in the State of Connecticut.

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