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Conn. Regulatory News: Changes for Registration of Liquor Brands

April 7, 2016dcpsealnew


From the Office of License Services

Dear Brand Registrant:

The purpose of this correspondence is to make you aware of significant changes related to the registration of liquor brands. While the Department continues its move toward streamlining government, the hope is that these changes will be beneficial to the industry.

Changes to be made are as follows:

  1. Unimerc Code will no longer be a requirement for brand registration application  
  1. The Department will no longer print and mail brand registration certificates  
  1. New online rosters have been added to assist in managing your list of brands and assist in searches for key relationships between brands, shippers and wholesalers

Unimerc Code  –  Effective immediately, Unimerc Code will no longer be a requirement to obtain a brand registration from this Department.  We have modified all website application and instruction forms accordingly.  We ask that you utilize this new updated form.  The Department’s website will continue to display previously submitted Unimerc Codes for existing brand registrations for identification purposes only.

Brand Registration Printing – Effective April 15, 2016, the Department will cease the printing and mailing of liquor brand registration certificates.  The Department’s online verification website at will be updated daily with all new/renewal brand approvals.  This website should be the main source for all registration verifications.

Online Rosters Related To Brands – The Department has added new rosters to its online website.  These rosters were designed for a user to obtain a more refined list of brand registrations specific to a particular brand varietal, shipper or wholesaler.  Specifically, you can choose a roster, enter a permit # and a list of brands associated with that permit # will appear.  To access these new rosters, go to the Department’s online verification website at and choose Rosters.

If you have questions or comments related to these changes feel free to contact me directly at .

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Michael Elliott

License Services Division

Department of Consumer Protection

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