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Connecticut Liquor Control Division Issues Executive Order 9O Guidance

For Immediate Release

December 3, 2020

From the Office of John J. Suchy, Director

Liquor Control Division

On December 2, 2020 Governor Ned Lamont issued Executive Order (EO) 9O.  A portion of the EO dealt with allowing charitable organizations to conduct virtual fundraising events involving the sale of alcoholic liquor.  Here is the relevant section (see below in italics):

Sale of Alcoholic Liquor at Virtual Events by Charitable Organizations Permitted

Section 30-37b of the Connecticut General Statutes, is modified to authorize the Commissioner of Consumer Protection to allow charitable organizations to engage in the retail sale of alcoholic liquor for off-premise consumption if such alcoholic liquor is in its original sealed container as received from a licensed wholesaler or retailer, and such retail sales are in furtherance of fundraising for the charity’s charitable purpose. Such retail sales need not occur during the hours required by Section 30-91(a), but the consumer may pick up the product only during those hours. The Commissioner may issue such implementing orders as she deems necessary.

Following the issuance of the EO, the department released its implementation order (see below):

DCP Implementation Order for Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 9O

Pursuant to Executive Order 9O, the Department of Consumer Protection (the “Department”) issues the following rules and procedures for charitable organizations to engage in the retail sale of alcoholic liquor in furtherance of fundraising:

Requirements for Charitable Retail Sale of Alcoholic Liquor

  1. That the charitable organization is responsible for verifying that all purchasers are over the age of twenty-one at the time of the retail sale, and additionally that all individuals receiving the alcoholic liquor are over the age of twenty-one and not intoxicated;
  2. That the charitable organization cannot itself deliver alcoholic liquor to the consumer’s residence;
  3. That with its application to the Department for a permit, the charitable organization shall describe how the sale of alcoholic liquor will help fundraise for its charitable purpose;
  4. That the charitable organization cannot sell tickets for an online raffle or game of chance in which a prize is alcoholic liquor; and
  5. That the charitable organization is not limited to only twelve days to sell the alcoholic liquor, however the organization is limited to twelve days for the consumer to pick up the alcoholic liquor and the organization must identify those days to the Department in its permit application:
    1. Example One: a charitable organization is selling tickets for a virtual concert that includes a wine dinner basket. Ticket sales will last for thirty days; however, the organization must schedule no more than twelve days for the ticket holder to pick up the basket. The pickup hours must comply with Section 30-91.
    2.  Example Two: a charitable organization organizes a virtual brewfest by selling packs of beer from assorted local participating breweries. The organization can sell the packs of beer for fifteen days; however, the consumer is limited to at most twelve pickup days. The charitable organization may distribute the packs of beer itself on set pick up days or direct the consumer to the participating breweries on set pick up days. The pickup hours must comply with Section 30-91.

Here are the direct links to the Executive Order and to the Implementation Order:

Executive-Order-No-9O.pdf (

IO-Charitable-Organizations-10_14_20_Final.pdf (

If you have any questions on any liquor-related matter, please call (860) 713-6210 and speak with an agent on duty. Reach by email at

John J. Suchy, Director, Liquor Control Division

The Department of Consumer Protection, through the State Liquor Control Commission, oversees all sales of liquor in the State of Connecticut.  450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901, Hartford, CT, 06103. Visit the  Liquor Control Division website


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