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CT DCP News: Beer and Wine Line Cleaning Update

By September 11, 2023Connecticut, Top News, Legal Matters

September 11, 2023

From the Office of M. Caitlin S. Anderson

Liquor Control Division Director

RE: Beer and Wine Line Cleaning Update

Recent legislative updates changed the requirements for beer and wine pipe line cleaning. Beginning October 1, 2023, beer or wine pipe lines and barrel tubes used to serve alcoholic beverages must be cleaned once every two weeks. The law previously required these lines and barrel tubes to be cleaned every week.

The following rules apply to cleaning beer and wine pipe lines and barrel tubes:

  1. All lines and tubes must be cleaned at least once every two weeks. More frequent cleaning is allowed if necessary to keep all lines and tubes clean.
  2. When cleaning, you must use a hydraulic pressure mechanism, a hand pump suction, a force cleaner, or any other cleaning method approved by the Department of Consumer Protection. (The Department recently approved a system that uses propagating electronic signals.)
  3. If chemicals are used to clean, you must rinse the lines and tubes with clear water until all chemicals are removed.
  4. You must maintain a coil cleaning card that shows when cleaning occurred.

Please contact us at with any questions.

 The Department of Consumer Protection, through the State Liquor Control Commission, oversees all sales of liquor in the State of Connecticut. 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901, Hartford, CT, 06103. Visit the Liquor Control Division website

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