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CT DCP News: Updated Alcoholic Beverage Donation Portal

July 21, 2023

From the Office of M. Caitlin S. Anderson

Liquor Control Division Director

RE: Updated Alcoholic Beverage Donation Portal

Following the Department of Consumer Protection’s recommendations, the Legislature passed amendments to the temporary charitable and nonprofit permit licensing rubric. It created a new temporary noncommercial entity permit and repealed the five previous temporary charitable and nonprofit permits. This new permit allows all noncommercial entities to sell or auction beer, cider, wine, and spirits at fundraising events or social gatherings they conduct.  Additionally, all Connecticut wholesalers, manufacturers, and package store owners may donate alcoholic beverages to these permits and conduct tastings at fundraising events conducted by the noncommercial permit holders.

As part of the implementation of this new temporary noncommercial permit, the Department updated the existing alcoholic beverage donation portal. As a reminder, according to Connecticut Regulations § 30-6-A41, any commercial licensees wishing to donate alcoholic beverages to noncommercial entities must notify the Department of the intended donation. The donation portal has been updated in two respects: (1) donations may be made to the new permit (LTN), and (2) package store permittees may now access the donation portal.

To access the portal and submit a donation request:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your active manufacturer, wholesaler, or package store permit account with your existing user ID and password. (If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it via the link under the log in box.)
  3. Once logged in, scroll down to “More Online Services,” then click “License Maintenance.”
  4. Select the credential making the donation and click “Start.”
  5. From the drop-down menu, select “Liquor Donation” and complete the submittal process.
  6. Once the donation request is submitted properly, you will receive an immediate email from the Department acknowledging the donation. Upon receipt of the email, your notification is complete, and you may donate the product as described.

Please note that liquor donations are not allowed unless the organization holding the fundraising event or social gathering has an active temporary noncommercial permit.  Donation requests cannot be made until the temporary permit is approved by the Department. The Department created a comprehensive information page that addresses commonly asked questions for temporary noncommercial permits and outlines the online application process for that permit.

If you have any questions about temporary noncommercial permit, making donations to noncommercial organizations, or navigating the donation portal, please contact the Liquor Control Division by email at

The Department of Consumer Protection, through the Liquor Control Commission, oversees all sales of alcoholic beverages in the State of Connecticut.

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901, Hartford, CT, 06103. Visit the Liquor Control Division website


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