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CT Task Force Website Doubles As Industry Resource

By December 4, 2012Connecticut, Legal Matters

The Connecticut Liquor Pricing Task Force complied and created many documents as they studied the state’s alcoholic beverage industry in 2012. The task force website houses the agendas, meeting minutes, testimony and all associated attachments, all available for public viewing. Historical information is also included. It’s a free resource to understanding the complexity of the industry, both locally and nationally since post-Prohibition.

The “Documents” link via the main site,offers:

  • Connecticut Retail Statistics
  • Effects of Post and Hold Laws on Consumption and Social Harms
  • Tasting Rules by State
  • Grocery Store Beer Permit Findings
  • Comparative Statement of Alcoholic Beverage Sales
  • Legislative History of Exclusive Beer Territories
  • Grocery and Package Stores in Neighboring States
  • Legislative History of Alcohol Minimum Pricing
  • Connecticut Revenue Line Graph by Fiscal Year
  • Revenues by State
  • State Tax Comparison
  • 2012 DCP Pricing Trask Force Presentation
  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax Presentation
  • Competitive Alcoholic Liquor Pricing Task Force Presentation
  • Economist Stanely McMillen’s Summary for Alcoholic Beverage Task Force Research is also available and more.

In October, the Task Force asked the state Office of Legal Research (OLR) for the legislative history of the law prohibiting retailers who sell alcohol for off-premises consumption (off-premises retailers) from selling alcohol below costs. Here is the answer to their query, written by OLR Legislative Analyst Duke Chen. Read more reports on OLR’s site.

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