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Dry Creek Vineyard Celebrates Historic 50th Harvest

By September 25, 2021Top News

Dry Creek Vineyard celebrated the beginning of its 50th harvest just one day after the winery’s anniversary of 49 years of family winemaking in Sonoma County, California. The historic vintage was marked with the arrival of 10.35 tons of Sauvignon Blanc from one of the family’s estate vineyards. The love of the Loire Valley led Founder David S. Stare to produce his inaugural 1972 Fumé Blanc, and the winery has continued to craft the varietal every harvest since. The 81-year-old Stare was in attendance at the crushpad of his family winery to sprinkle the original 1972 Fumé Blanc into the hopper for good luck for the 50th harvest. Stare is widely known as the first to plant Sauvignon Blanc in Dry Creek Valley, against the advice of vineyard specialists. Fifty years later, Sauvignon Blanc is the most planted white grape in Dry Creek Valley. Dry Creek Vineyard has proudly produced Sauvignon Blanc each year of its history and currently features four distinct Sauvignon Blanc bottlings in its portfolio. Stare’s daughter, Kim Stare Wallace, is currently the President of Dry Creek Vineyard.


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