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Labor Day Data Shows Vodka and Tequila as Most-Popular Spirits

By September 6, 2015Top News

As Labor Day comes into focus for 2015, so too does alcohol beverage buying and homespun cocktail creations. Digital marketing and search analytics company, iQuanti, specializes in predictive data and tracked search trends from past years to predict the top cocktails for Labor Day 2015. Here is what data shows for the New England region when it comes to cocktail web searches and what customers may be shopping for:

  • 52% of searches related to cocktails and related terms (i.e. cocktail recipes, cocktail party drinks, etc.) made in the U.S. are around generic cocktail recipes, drink recipes and party drinks.
  • The most searched for alcoholic mixes are around vodka (212K) and tequila (165K), taking up 18% and 14% of the searches respectively.
  • The most searched for cocktails are “margarita,” “White Russian,” and “martinis,” taking up 20% of search volumes. The “top drinks” across the seven New England states are “Margarita” and “White Russian.”
  • The New England States contribute to 8% of searches made in the United States, with Massachusetts driving maximum searches (40K)
  • Vodka is the most searched for alcohol across the seven states driving 18% of the searched.

Data provided by iQuanti.

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