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Litchfield Distillery Expands Operations

By October 2, 2021Connecticut, Top News

Litchfield Distillery recently completed an expansion of its distillation capacity with the installation of a second fermentation and distillation line. The equipment for the second line includes a new hybrid still and five fermentation tanks manufactured by Müller Pot Stills in Germany, according to Litchfield Distillery spokesperson Tony Vengrove. The hybrid still features a pot still with two column stills and is slightly larger than the distillery’s first still. “The new still and tanks are operational, and we’ve been running the line to ‘tune it’ so we can ensure we distill spirits consistent with what we’ve been producing to date,” Vengrove said. “The second line allows us to increase our production capacity, which has become increasingly necessary as we continue to grow and expand our trading area.” Founded in 2014 by brothers Jack, Peter and David Baker, Litchfield Distillery offers award-winning bourbon, vodka, gin and ready-to-drink canned cocktails through its Litchfield Distillery spirits line.


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