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Serving Up: “Spiced Moonshine Lemonade” at Mama’s Boy

Spiced Moonshine Lemonade

Spiced Moonshine Lemonade

Mama’s Boy

19 North Water Street

Norwalk, CT

Southern living comes to southern Connecticut at Mama’s Boy. They offer casual, yet refined locally-produced country cuisine with a relaxed atmosphere that is meant for lingering. Their creative cocktails take inspiration from southern flavors.

Bartender: Justine Bassani

Cocktail: Spiced Moonshine Lemonade


  • Rim the glass of choice with a mix of apple pie spice and sugar
  • Add ice to the glass
  • 2 ounces infused* corn whisky or moonshine (recipe follows)
  • Top with lemonade
  • Drop a dash of bourbon cherry aged bitters on top
    Justine Bassani with Spiced Moonshine Lemonade

    Justine Bassani with Spiced Moonshine Lemonade

*Infusion consists of Tahitian vanilla bean, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks

Bartender and mixologist Bassani said the cocktail is a summertime pick and made “to be sipped on a porch swing.” She recently launched a website for her own brand of original cocktail mixers and gift baskets, as well as for custom cocktail recipes at











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