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MS Walker Welcomes Coconut Cartel

By August 24, 2021Rhode Island, Top News

Coconut Cartel Special Añejo offers tastes of oak, vanilla, coconut and salt with a medium-long finish and a sweet, oaky tang.

MS Walker welcomed Coconut Cartel Special Añejo to Rhode Island, among seven new markets launched in the U.S. for the Miami-based brand. Coconut Cartel Special Añejo is a Guatemalan rum proofed with coconut water to 40% ABV, giving the sipping rum a tropical take. The spirit starts as a barrel of the finest single-origin Guatemalan añejo rum distilled in copper column stills and rested in charred American white oak barrels for up to 12 years. Then, using locally sourced coconut water to down-proof the añejo blend from cask to bottle strength (80 proof), the coconut water’s natural minerality brings balance to the blend, making Coconut Cartel extra smooth and refreshing. Sip neat or pour over ice.


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