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NBWA BPI Shows Emerging Trends

By May 29, 2021Top News

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) released the Beer Purchasers’ Index (BPI) for April 2021. A reading greater than 50 indicates the segment is expanding, while a reading below 50 indicates contraction. The April 2021 reading of 79 remains significantly above the April 2020 all-time-low reading of 34. Imported beer expanded to 74, well above the 32 reading from April 2020. The craft index posted a reading of 64 for April 2021 compared to 14 last year. The premium lights segment posted a 69 versus 44. The regular domestic beer index of 56 is significantly above the April 2020 40 reading. The below premium segment at 51 rose a few points higher than the April 2020 reading of 47. The FMB/seltzer segment continued to outperform all segments in April 2021 with a reading of 90, compared to 72 from April 2020. The cider segment remains below 50, posting an index reading of 44 compared to last April’s reading of 17. BPI is a forward-looking indicator for distributors to measure expected demand.


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