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Opici Family Distributing Offers New Artisanal Spirits

By October 31, 2021Connecticut, Top News

Opici Family Distributing of Connecticut expanded its portfolio, adding several new brands. NEFT Vodka is an ultra-premium, imported vodka crafted in the Rhaetian Alps of Austria. Using oxygen-rich spring water, NEFT combines four different types of non-GMO ancient rye grains: Amato, Askari, Rasant and Pollino, and is distilled three times in a copper-pot still using carbon-layer filtering and has no additives or artificial flavorings. Por La Gente Tequila in Blanco, Reposado and Añejo are made by hand in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico using 100% Blue Weber agave. Mijenta Tequila, available in Blanco and Reposado, is a new premium tequila entry, women-led venture that prioritizes sustainability in creating its carbon neutral spirits. Maestra Tequilera, Ana Maria Romero, one of the most respected and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico, has crafted a distinctive flavor profile through a meticulous slow process and traditional methods. PaQuí artisanal tequila is handcrafted in a small distillery using traditional pot stills, using a new process to achieve an inviting aroma, layers of flavor and a soft finish, removing impurities and highlighting the sweet aromas of agave; available in Silvera, Reposado and Añejo. Kase Shochu combines locally sourced ingredients with 15 generations of history behind its making. Using barley sourced from local farms, Kase is aged 15 years in sherry casks; the 25% ABV, single-distilled Honkaku Shochu is vacuum-distilled to preserve flavors.



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