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Risata Wines Offer Ripe Fruit Flavors for Summer

By May 27, 2022Rhode Island, Top News

Risata Peach offers ripe, juicy peaches and a hint of apricot. Light-bodied and crisp on the finish, it is best enjoyed with salads, fresh fruit, cake and desserts. Risata Blueberry is a refreshing semi-sweet specialty wine, with intense flavors of fresh blueberry and a soft hint of cherry. Enjoy with grilled meats, fresh fruits, cheese and dessert, served slightly chilled.

Two new Risata wines join the existing lineup, each sourced from the finest vineyards in Italy for a premium quality wine. Expanding from its line of Moscato d’Asti, Sparkling Rosé, Scarlet, Raven, Pink Moscato and Red Moscato, Risata introduced two new wines. Peach, a 5.5% ABV Moscato, and Blueberry, a 6% ABV Brachetto. For each, once the desired alcohol and pressure level is obtained, the process is halted and the wine is ready to be blended into a wine cocktail. For Risata Peach, after harvest is complete in late September, the grapes are gently pressed and juice is clarified to obtain a clear must. It is then stored at 32°F throughout the year until fermentation and bottling are required, guaranteeing a fresh, bright wine for every bottling. For Risata Blueberry, after the late September is complete, the de-stemmed grapes are placed in stainless steel tanks where maceration takes place on the skins to extract delicate aromas and rich color. The grape must is then separated from the skins and stored in temperature-controlled tanks throughout the year until fermentation and bottling are required. Each is then filtered and natural fruit aromas are added to finalize the wine. The unique winemaking process produces refreshingly sweet wines bursting with fruit flavors. Each is available through Johnson Brothers of Rhode Island.


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