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Trade Organization for Craft Distillers Announced

By April 10, 2013Top News, Association Talk

The formal launch of the American Craft Distillers Association (ACDA)was announced On April 9, 2013. As Rory Donovan, interim president of ACDA, explains, ACDA was formed “of, by, and for ACDA Logolicensed craft distillers” in order to “promote and protect craft distilling in the United States.” Craft distilling is a phenomenon sweeping the country. With more than 320 distilleries in existence and more on the way, products run the full gamut from brandy to bourbon, and all are gaining popularity with mixologists, restaurants, and consumers around the country. According to Penn Jensen, ACDA executive director, “Our focus will be on brand building, public outreach, and legislative action on national and state levels to support the entrepreneur craft distillers everywhere in the U.S.”

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