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Vespertino Tequila Crema Launches in Connecticut and Rhode Island

By January 27, 2021Connecticut, Rhode Island, Top News

Vespertino Tequila Crema offers flavors of silver tequila, cream, brown sugar, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon.

Vespertino Tequila Crema is newly available in Connecticut via Allan S. Goodman and Eder Bros., Inc. and in Rhode Island through Oceanstate Wine & Spirits. The new cream liqueur, created by Jeff Johnson, Founder and CEO of NorthStar Wine and Spirits in Portland, Maine, in partnership with Creamy Creation – a beverage development company based in upstate New York – takes its inspiration from the popular Mexican dessert of deep-fried ice cream. Vespertino Tequila Crema liqueur, named after the Spanish word for evening, is a 30-proof shelf-stable spirit made with silver tequila, fresh dairy cream, brown sugar, vanilla, cocoa, and cinnamon and is designed to be served in cocktails, in hot drinks, over ice, in shooters and in culinary creations.




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