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Wine Wizards Welcomes Nonalcoholic Muri Drinks

By January 23, 2023Rhode Island, Top News

Muri is exclusively made with natural ingredients of verified provenance and utilizes ancient techniques to craft the natural nonalcoholic drinks. Each batch is handmade in Muri Drinks’ Copenhagen workshop in limited runs, including Yamilé, 0% ABV, a sparkling rosé wine alternative; Passing Clouds, a refreshing alternative to Champagne; and Nuala, a naturally fermented nonalcoholic red.

In keeping with 2023’s no- and low-alcohol trend, Wine Wizards welcomed Muri Drinks to its Rhode Island portfolio, a new import to the U.S. through De Maison Selections. Muri Drinks, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an innovative beverage producer founded in 2020 by Murray Paterson, a UK expat, who worked in UK cideries and at Empirical Spirits, among experiences. Ioakeim Goulidis, Head of Research and Production, worked previously in the renowned Noma Fermentation Lab. The duo crafts naturally nonalcoholic beverages without the aid of dealcoholization—a process that can strip flavor, as well as alcohol—or the addition of flavor or coloring agents. Although the beverage is inspired by wine, Paterson did not want to create a drink that was merely imitating something else. Unlike other no- and low-alcohol brands, which start with a beverage and remove the alcohol from it, Muri offers its “wine-adjacent” brand to “reimagine the wine occasion,” meant to be enjoyed when wine would otherwise be offered.

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