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September 10, 2018: USBG 3rd Annual Civil War Bartending Competition Finale

What: The United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) New Haven and Hartford chapters, along with Eder Bros, Inc. and Allan S. Goodman, kick off the third annual USBG Civil War Bartending Competition in April. The competition sees 10 events in venues across the state, in “north” against “south” bar talent and locations.

USBG New Haven (The South) Competitions:

  • April 9 at The Spread, Norwalk
  • May 7 at Harlan Publick, Norwalk
  • June 11 at Oak Haven Table & Bar, New Haven
  • July 9 at Hub & Spoke, Bridgeport
  • August 6 at Highland Brass Co., Waterbury

USBG Hartford (The North) Competitions:

  • April 30 at the Taprock, Unionville
  • May 21 at Little River Restoratives, Hartford
  • June 25 at Cure, Unionville
  • July 23 at Chango Rosa, Hartford
  • August 20 at Olive Bar, Unionville

Championship Round:

September 10 at Elm City Social in New Haven. For more information, contact Vincent Rosetti, Eder Bros. To see highlights from last year’s competition, click here.

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