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Action Alerts Raise Tariff Impact Awareness

By January 6, 2020Top News

During the 2020 New Year holiday week, several state and national trade associations sent action alerts and petitions regarding the significant negative consequences for the hospitality industry of the Trump administration’s planned additional tariffs. In 2019, 25% tariffs were places on European wines, cheeses, olive oil and other products as a result of a trade ruling against the business practices of the EU regarding Airbus. As restaurants begin to feel the early effects of these tariffs, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) recently proposed to increase the tariffs, in addition to adding new ones that could profoundly affect businesses who rely on imports, affecting supply chains and operational costs. The first action is a newly proposed 100% tariff on all French sparkling wines and some cheeses. The second – and more impactful – tariff is a review by USTR to increase the current tariffs on most products from the EU from 25% to up to 100%. This could include all European wines and spirits, olive oil, olives, cheeses, pork products and other food items. Wholesalers, importers, and restaurant and wine professionals  are urged to contact USTR, via


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