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Dewar’s Makes New Scratched Scotch Whisky

By May 12, 2015Top News, New Products
Dewar's Scratched Cask

Dewar’s Scratched Cask

Dewar’s is welcoming the first-ever Dewar’s Scratched Cask, a new blended Scotch whisky to their portfolio. The barrels used to make the Scotch are first heavily charred, and then lightly scratched at the char layer to adjust the flavors of the whisky. “This is a Scotch produced in a bourbon style,” Master Blender Stephanie Macleod said. “We always age our blended Scotch whisky but in this case, the process of scratching the barrels creates a truly exceptional Scotch whisky with distinctive and accessible notes of sweet vanilla, toasted oak, and a hint of spice with a smooth satisfying finish.” The limited release is available as of May 2015.

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