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Fifth Generation to Helm Barbancourt Rum

By July 29, 2020Top News, VIPs

Delphine Nathalie Gardère took the helm of the iconic Haitian rum distillery Rhum Barbancourt, both the oldest company and the biggest rum exporter in Haiti. As CEO of Rhum Barbancourt, she is the fifth generation and the second woman of the Gardère family to head the Haitian rum brand from the Gardère family. Her father, Thierry Gardère, a staple in the spirits industry, managed the company for almost three decades until he passed away in March 2017. Founded more than 150 years ago by Dupré Barbancourt, then passed on to his wife Nathalie Gardère, the brand is an icon in Haiti and among Haitian diaspora. In the Caribbean, Rhum Barbancourt leads the subcategory of Rhum Agricole, rum distilled from pure sugar cane juice and no molasses.


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