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M.S. Walker Sales Meeting Highlights New Brands

Matthew Shakespeare, Area Wine Manager, Don Sebastiani & Sons with Paso Project wines.

On August 14, M.S. Walker of Rhode Island hosted Mad River Distillers’ President Mimi Buttenheim as part of its general sales meeting. Buttenheim spoke of the craft spirits line, which includes whiskey, rye and rum. Mad River Distillers uses sustainable agriculture, with grains sourced regionally from non-GMO sources, focusing on Vermont ingredients when available. The sugar in its rum is fair trade certified and sustainably harvested and water is drawn from a mountain spring on its farm. The meeting also highlighted Elation Nectar de Poire, produced by aging Pear Williams in cognac to create a liqueur; Paso Project wines, a new venture for Don Sebastiani & Sons that highlights the growing Paso Robles AVA region; and Wyoming Whiskey, a small batch bourbon whiskey, distilled and bottled in Kirby, Wyoming.

Photos by Chris Almeida.

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