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Serving Up: “The Mup” at Flip Side Pinball Bar

The Mup

Flip Side Pinball Bar
1 Railroad Avenue
Westerly, RI

Bartender Farley

Bartender Farley

From 1970s vintage pinball to more modern machines, Flip Side Pinball Bar offers guests a chance to enjoy a unique evening out. Located across from the train station in downtown Westerly, the new venue features an extensive selection of local, national and imported canned and tap brews, a custom wine list and, of course, creative, custom cocktails to accompany the classic games.

Bartender: Farley

Cocktail: The Mup

Recipe: Build in glass

  • 1.5 oz. Basil Hayden Bourbon
  • .5 oz. Drambuie
  • 1 oz. Caffo Liqueur Solara Triple Grand Orange
  • Dash of bitters


The Mup

The Mup

Served on ice with cherries.

“Our drink is called The Mup,” said Co-owner Dana Carvey, “and Mup was a misread for ‘MVP’ and this is the MVP of our cocktail list. Caffo Solara Orange is rich[er] and has more of a vanilla flavor … we wanted to find a way to present this spirit to our customers without them sipping it as a stand-alone.”


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